Monday, March 24, 2014

Historic Bathrooms

When It's Time To Do Our Duty

I am so excited to share with you some pictures that I have been picking up of different bathrooms. Here is an area that most people do not post about, but it is essential, isn't it? Or, if they do, it's in an erotic format. However, I think it's very interesting because it it the honesty of life that is being out in the open... or behind doors. 

Supposedly Marie Antoinette's Bath (unverified)

I've included quite a few from palaces, so you'll get to see how the upper crust "does it" in style.... or sometimes surprisingly not. There's also some updated ones, which are interesting because this is how we see classic now. I wonder if it'll hold up in years to come.

Read my paper "Crappy Areas of the Middle Ages" 
and see other bathroom facilities!

The Tanner House, An Antebellum Mansion's Bathroom
and see more pictures of the room.
Shabby Vintage Love, Facebook

18th Century Bath

Biltmore. Mrs. Vanderbilt's bath
Christopher Chalkley, Fans of Biltmore House

Cathedral Home Bathroom

Charming Space
Home Depot

Sent to me by my friend

Miss Bee's Haven, Facebook

Eltham Palace Bath

Another sent to me by a friend

Frinton Park Estate

King Minos' "Throne Room"
Knossos Palace, Crete

I Heart Much Shabby Chic, Facebook

Horton Priory,  Home of Henry VIII

Girly Bathroom
I Heart Much Shabby Chic, Facebook

Lion Palace, Russia

Maharaja Palace


Martha's Vintage Attic, Facebook


Porphyry Nero's Bath, Vatican

Veranda Magazine, Facebook

Sadam's Palace

Romancing the Rose, Facebook

The Queen's Bath,
Knossos Palace, Crete
Victorian Style, Facebook

Prussian Palace, "Neues Palais"

Youssoupov Palace

Shabby and Charm, Facebook
vintage style bathroom
vintage style bathroom
Victorian Bath, Hartford House
Painted hard wood floor -- white checked painted wood floor in bathroom by Katie Emmons Design, via

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe, Facebook
Shabby & Charme, Facebook
Pink Cottage, Facebook
Romancing the Rose Studio, Facebook

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  1. It would be pretty hard to pick one that is a favorite, love them all.

  2. Sue,

    Thank you so much. They are fun, aren't they?

  3. I find the historical ones pretty amazing, you don't hear about ancients bathing or well, you know!


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